Increasing tenant comfort & saving heating costs at Downtown Lions Manor


28.3% kWh usage / HDD reduction


Downtown Lions Manor


Windsor, ON


248 avg kWh usage / HDD


191 avg kWh usage / HDD

Downtown Lions Manor has been a fixture in Windsor since the 1970’s. With 151 apartments and 154,000 square feet, the apartments, stairwells, and mechanical room for the seniors housing building, are solely heated with electric baseboards, while the common areas are heated with a mixture of baseboards and natural gas.

With the building’s electricity bills increasing in costs, especially in winter months, a discovery session was handled to uncover the reason behind the new expenses. After some analysis it was found that tenants had set their thermostats above 26.5C (80F), and some were leaving windows open while baseboard heaters were running. This resulted in overall usage of electricity for heating being much higher than expected norms. With the increased electricity costs, Downtown Lions Manor had to look for a solution, and raising rental rates wasn’t an option.

While searching for a way to handle the problem, building management found no cost-effective way to replace the electric baseboard heating in the apartments. While natural gas heating would be a method to success, the installation of a hydronic system would have been too costly, time consuming and invasive. In addition, building ownership and tenants demanded a solution which was quick and easy to install and operate.

Nerva, having solved similar issues in the past, offered the exact technology to assist Downtown Lions Manor to achieve energy savings goals, quick installation, tenant comfort, reduced complaints, and fault diagnostics & tracking. With our Nerva Controls system, we commenced with the project by:

  • Replacing all 190 building thermostats
  • Configuring maximum temperature settings to 24.5C (76F) for all areas
  • Installing and integrating window position sensors in all apartments
  • Installing CO2 on demand ventilation controls on common area units
  • Installing exterior lighting and exhaust fan timers
  • Providing centralized configuration, monitoring and reporting through web and mobile apps

With the installation complete, Nerva Controls was able to lower the average kWh usage / HDD ratio from 248 to 191 during the heating season. The average difference of the ratio was 28.3%