Smart Controls. Smarter Returns.

Welcome to Canada’s #1 wireless building automation system for optimizing occupancy comfort and providing up to 40% in energy earnings.

No More Maintenance Contracts

No More Upgrade Fees

No More Security Issues

No More Troubleshooting

No More Complicated Programming

No More Expensive Solutions

Say ‘Hello’ to Free Upgrades for Life! And More ...

  • Wireless Cloud-Based Solution
  • 30% to 50% Cheaper (across the board)
  • Free Software Upgrades For Life
  • Defense Grade Wireless Network
  • Real-Time Predictive Alerts
  • No Central Point of Failure

Building Automation That Earns You up to 40% More

Over 250,000 buildings have upgraded to our building automation system to maximize occupancy comfort, efficiency and the bottom line up to 40%, with our comprehensive wireless solution that provides demand response and optional sub-metering.

Defense Grade Security

The technology requires no network or Wi-Fi to operate smoothly. Each control system is a stand-alone repeater that constantly looks for the best signal paths. If the Internet is disrupted the buildings HVAC will work without fault, as no internet is needed.

No server, computer or hard drive on site

No network access needed

Control 1,000+ Buildings, from Any Device, Anywhere in the World

A cloud-based network allows for reliable, real-time access to all of your buildings, wherever you are in the world.

Easily Manage 1 or a Full Portfolio of Buildings

Customizable Multi-Level User Access

Receive Predictive Notifications & Alerts

Receive real-time HVAC operation alerts delivered by email, text and your online dashboard. Smart algorithms eliminate nuisance alerts, so you only get the alarms that matter.

Receive real-time HVAC alerts

Receive only the alerts that matter

Customize User Access Levels

Each user can be granted different building level access privileges and control limits. In other words, while you may be able to optimize your entire portfolio of buildings, a manager might only be able to have access controls to one or a select few.

Custom access privileges & controls

Custom access privileges & controls

Advanced AI &
Machine Learning Features

Advanced wireless zone control system

CO2 on-demand ventilation

No hold button to bypass set schedule

100% Configurable to the equipment it runs

Open door and window detection & cut-out

Easy scheduling and programming is quick & efficient

What Else Can It Do?
So Much More…

Pump control

Zone control

Boiler and chiller management

Makeup air unit / Rooftop unit optimization

Run times and cost analysis of each piece of equipment – per day, hour of year

Over 250,000 Technology Success Stories


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