Airtight Ducts. Airtight Returns.

Seal up to 99% of your duct leaks, without any demolition and reduce your HVAC costs up to 30%. Introducing a revolutionary technology that empowers near airtight ducts in 1/3 of the time and 1/2 of the cost vs. any alternative solution available.

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What Happens
When Ducts Leak?

Overspending On Energy
Spend up to 30% more

Occupancy Complaints
Unbalanced room temperatures

Airflow Safety & Exhaust
Airborne mold, bacteria, smoke and pressure

Poor Indoor Air Quality
Dust, ventilation and humidity

Increased GHG Emissions
Higher carbon footprint

Seal It & Recoup up to 30% Energy Loss

The Building Commissioning states duct leakage as the No. 1 most expensive building fault and costs billions a year in wasted energy. Sealing your ducts can instantly save up to 30% on HVAC costs.

Top 10 Building Faults Annual Cost
Duct Leakage $2.9B
HVC left on when unoccupied $1.9
Lights left on when unoccupied $1.7
Airflow not balanced $0.7
Improper refrigerant charge $0.7
Dampers not working propertly $0.5
Insufficient evaperator airflow $0.3
Improper controls set up $0.2
Control component failure $0.2
Software programming errors $0.1

Meet the World’s #1 Duct Sealing Technology

Traditional duct sealing only fixes, ‘what the eyes can see’ and requires duct tape, foil tape and mastic glue. Nerva duct seal technology avoids expensive and messy renovation because the solution works from the inside-out.

Step 1
Set-Up & Pressurize

Non-toxic, aerosolized sealant particles finds leaks and collide & bind together to seal ducts.

Step 2
100% Guaranteed Real-Time Results

Non-toxic, aerosolized sealant particles finds leaks and collide & bind together to seal ducts.

Step 3
Verify & Quantified Certification

Receive a certificate with a pre and post leakage report that verifies CFM sealing results.

How Does Nerva Stack Up?

Seal your leaky ducts with an award-winning technology that maximizes comfort, efficiency and the bottom line up to 30%.

Seal Rate
Project Time
Project Costs
85% - 99% Sealing Rate
Complete < 3-4 week
Lower Cost
No Disruption to Day-2-Day Operations
No Extensive Ceiling Opening
Existing Insulation - Stays Intact
Before/After Sealing in Real-Time
Certificate to Verify % of Seal & CFM's Saved
3 Year Warranty
Traditional Duct Sealing
50% Can Be Left Unsealed
6 - 12 Months
Higher Cost
Minor - Major Disruption
Removal of Fiberglass Required
Re-Insulation Required
No Guarantee
No Certificate to Verify Effectiveness
Short Life Expectancy

Hospital Seals up to 95% CFM’s on Day 1

Check out the world’s #1 duct sealing technology seal in action! “Within the first night, the CFM’s that were leaking out of the system, were brought to 95% sealed”

Before18,550 CFM leakage
After1,484 CFM leakage
Seal Rate92% leakage eliminated

What They Say About the Technology

Nerva makes it possible to seal leaks as small as a human hair follicle and go beyond the most stringent industry standards.

Knowing what I know now, I’m confident in saying this was the only real solution to our problem short of a complete laboratory redesign.

Robert Gaderlund, UCSF Medical Center Mt. Zion

After conducting extensive research on the technology, our health & safety officer approved its use ... the performance was clear and immediate.

Michele Emond, University of Ottawa Heart Institute

Within the first night, the CFM’s that were leaking out of the system were brought to 95% sealed.

Tim Foster, Alexandra Hospital

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