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Canada’s First Airtight Multi-Residential Building

Tippett Park

Modern City


In its latest 15-storey multi-residential development, Collecdev set out to demonstrate the merits of airtightness in multi-residential buildings. Measurement and verification were performed by various subject matter experts and validated by the University of Toronto.


Achieve optimal building airtightness to eliminate the infiltration of outside air and, more importantly, prevent indoor air from escaping the envelope.


This approach aims to reduce the mechanical plant size requirements while maximizing the efficiency of heating and cooling systems.


Scope of Work

The entire building was sealed using Aerobarrier technology, a pressurized spray system designed to seal holes as large as 5/8” and as fine as a human hair follicle.

Each suite was compartmentalized and sealed individually to ensure optimal airtightness around each of the openings and penetrations, as well as wall assemblies.

Suite, guarded, and whole building airtightness testing was conducted by Building Knowledge Canada.

Airtightness energy modeling was provided by Footprint.

Project outcomes were validated by the University of Toronto.


  • The building achieved a 34.5% reduction in air leakage.

  • Energy modeling indicates these improvements will provide future developments with a 30% reduction in boiler, chiller, and cooling tower sizing.

  • The ability to reduce hot water risers from 6” to 4”.

  • A 20% reduction in fan coils.

  • A 50% reduction in Make Up Air System requirements.

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Judges’ Comments

“Conditioned air that leaks out of the building through openings in ceilings, walls, and floors, as well as mechanical penetrations, ultimately causes unnecessary energy and carbon waste. Collecdev’s commitment to demonstrating the financial and operational benefits linked to whole-building airtightness illustrates the type of leadership the development industry so desperately needs.”

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