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Optimizing Make Up Air Units for Optimal Performance
8 Buildings in Ottawa & GTA

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Make Up Air units are significant energy consumers in multi-residential buildings. Seeking to eliminate energy waste and reduce GHG emissions, Minto addressed the persistent issue of duct leakage.


Eliminate leakage in the main vertical ductwork shaft supplying fresh air to all building corridors.


Ensure the Make Up Air system delivers the required air volume for each floor while minimizing energy waste and GHG emissions.

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Scope of Work

Performed a comprehensive audit of Make Up Air units to identify make, size, and operational performance.

Conducted an initial air audit to measure air volume on each floor before sealing.

Sealed ductwork shafts from the inside out to eliminate leakage and optimize unit performance.

Balanced airflow throughout each floor to ensure even distribution.

Conducted a second air audit to measure increased air volume, reduced fan speeds, and energy/GHG savings.


  • Secured significant utility incentives

  • Achieved annual energy savings of over $97,000

  • Realized an average 31% return on investment

  • Reduced GHG emissions by an average of 21%

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Judges’ Comments

"Make Up Air Systems rely on long vertical stretches of ductwork to deliver fresh air to each floor. Leaks in the ductwork can significantly affect performance and efficiency. Minto’s pragmatic approach to tackling energy waste and reducing their carbon footprint is highly commendable."

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Portfolio-wide Mechanical Optimization:
85+ Buildings; Over 10,000 Suites 

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Roof Top Unit Optimization
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