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Multi-Phase Strategic Decarbonization
Rideau Towers

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In its commitment to realizing optimal value in their real estate assets, Morguard embarked on a comprehensive financial analysis to understand the cost, value, and opportunities for driving CapEx and OpEx savings in their planned major mechanical replacements.


The Rideau Towers were scheduled for a complete boiler replacement, providing Morguard with the opportunity to delve into the specification, sizing, and operational efficiency of the proposed design. Morguard’s goal was to understand the real HVAC load requirement for each building and explore mechanical optimization measures that would facilitate a more energy-efficient boiler design and support their ongoing decarbonization efforts.

This pragmatic review aimed to prioritize optimizing the operational efficiency of each building to drive energy conservation and decarbonization, effectively reducing the size and carbon footprint of new mechanical investments.

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Scope of Work

Conducted a comprehensive review of the proposed boiler retrofit.

Analyzed boiler sizing, design, specifications, costs, and operational efficiencies.

Implemented boiler submetering to understand consumption patterns.

Deployed a full suite of smart building controls to provide real-time feedback.

Applied energy conservation measures to drive operational efficiencies, allowing for proper down-sizing of boiler plant design.

Updated boiler design and specifications to meet the actual heating load requirements.


  • Achieved a significant reduction in natural gas demand.

  • Removed a substantial amount of electricity from the grid.

  • Reduced the proposed boiler sizing by a considerable percentage.

  • Significantly reduced GHG emissions.

  • Delivered significant CapEx savings supported by ongoing operational efficiencies and savings.

  • Implemented smart building controls for dynamic energy management, optimization, commissioning, and ongoing monitoring/reporting.

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Judges’ Comments

“Morguard’s strategic approach to decarbonization at the Rideau Towers is a commendable example of how financial analysis and innovative design can lead to substantial energy and cost savings. By focusing on the real HVAC load requirements and integrating smart building controls, Morguard has effectively reduced both the size and carbon footprint of their mechanical investments. This project exemplifies leadership in sustainability and operational efficiency, setting a benchmark for the industry.”

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Portfolio-wide Mechanical Optimization:
85+ Buildings; Over 10,000 Suites 

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Roof Top Unit Optimization
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