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Ventilation Optimization Program
8 Buildings at Peterborough Campus

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In a bid to enhance ventilation performance and drive peak system efficiency, Trent University embarked on a project to address ductwork leakage and ventilation deficiencies in eight buildings on their Peterborough Campus. This initiative aimed to achieve ongoing utility savings and significant GHG reductions.


The primary objective was to conduct mechanical audits and air volume testing for each air handler to evaluate system performance, quantify efficiency, measure duct leakage, and identify opportunities to harvest energy and GHG savings.

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Scope of Work

Conducted pre-sealing audits to assess equipment sizing, operational efficiency, and airflow performance.

Repaired major ductwork deficiencies, addressing crushed or disconnected ductwork.

Sealed ductwork systems from the inside out to eliminate leakage and optimize unit performance.

Installed Variable Frequency Drives (VFDs) or optimized existing VFDs to reduce fan speeds and harvest energy and GHG savings.

Balanced airflow delivery to each diffuser to ensure even distribution.

Conducted a second air audit to measure increased air volume, reduced fan speeds, and quantify energy/GHG savings.


  • Secured significant utility incentives.

  • Achieved annual energy savings of over $165,000.

  • Realized an average 18% return on investment.

  • Reduced GHG emissions by an average of 31%.

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Judges’ Comments

"Post-secondary campuses are energy-intensive environments with large ventilation systems that are often ignored, leading to significant energy waste and increased GHG emissions. Trent University’s practical, data-driven approach to quantifying ventilation performance and effectively eradicating duct leakage demonstrates the power of simple, proven measures that have a significant impact. We commend the University for showcasing leadership in energy conservation and sustainability.”

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