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Award-Winning Smart Technologies and Energy Management Solutions.

Pushing the Envelope, To Go Beyond Industry Standards

Go beyond the most stringent industry standards and save up to 35% on energy costs with a revolutionary building envelope seal technology and compartmentalize your suites and commercial spaces with 100% guaranteed results!

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Solving a 2.1 Billion Dollar a Year Problem, One Duct at a Time

Revolutionary duct seal technology solves the #1 cause of energy loss that costs 2.1 billion a year, duct leakage. Award-winning technology seals up to 99% of duct leaks without any demolition, to save up to 30% on energy costs in a 1/3 of the time and 1/2 the costs vs. any other solution on the market.

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Smarter Controls. Smarter Returns.

Meet Canada’s #1 wireless building automation system that over 250,000+ buildings worldwide use to reduce HVAC energy loads up to 40% with a revolutionary solution with demand response, sub-metering capabilities, lifetime free upgrades, no maintenance contracts and so much more.

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