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NERVA Energy Completes Largest Multi-Residential Smart Building Conversion in North America with Drewlo Holdings

Hamilton, Ontario, February 01, 2024 - NERVA Energy, a pioneering multi-disciplinary energy engineering firm, proudly announces the completion of its ambitious project with esteemed client Drewlo Holdings. This landmark venture, which saw the transformation of multi-residential rental buildings into cutting-edge "Smart Buildings" marks the most extensive conversion of its kind in North America.

Project Highlights:

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The project entailed full mechanical metering, strategic use of smart  building controls, continual commissioning, optimization of all mechanical systems, and sustained monitoring and reporting of energy performance.

Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) Showcase Significant Gains:

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For quite sometime, Drewlo Holdings had been in search of a  comprehensive solution that aligned with their energy and performance vision. NERVA Energy, with its unmatched expertise and dedication, delivered exactly what they had been seeking — a turn-key project delivery complete with a financial performance guarantee.

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"We at Drewlo Holdings have always believed in pushing the boundaries of innovation and sustainability. Our commitment to creating high-performance smart buildings is unwavering. Not only do we prioritize energy efficiency, but we also ensure optimal building performance.


With state-of-the-art systems in place, we maintain maximum visibility into our buildings' ongoing performance, addressing maintenance needs promptly and meticulously tracking our progress towards carbon reduction bench marks. Our vision is clear: to redefine the future of living spaces by merging  efficiency with excellence, ensuring a greener, brighter tomorrow for all our residents. " says Allan Drewlo, CEO, Drewlo Holdings.

NERVA's unique approach to optimizing multi-residential buildings aligns with clients' goals and expectations, resulting in custom-made, turn-key energy conservation solutions. This project underscores NERVA's credo of "Unlocking Your Building's Full Potential, "backed by their GUARANTEED ENERGY PERFORMANCE SOLUTIONS.

"In the ever-evolving landscape of building optimization, owners often find themselves navigating the intricate maze of multiple subject matter experts. This fragmented approach often leads to unnecessary conflicts, adding layers of complexity that can be overwhelming. One of the major challenges in this industry is the noticeable gap in performance certainty and accountability. It's this very lack of clarity that erodes client confidence, sometimes halting action entirely.

At NERVA, we've always believed in streamlining this process, implementing practical and measurable solutions that offer clarity and, above all, results. Our mission is to restore that lost confidence and to be the beacon of reliability in an otherwise convoluted industry. " Says Rob Hallewick, CEO, NERVA Energy Group.


In Ontario, large buildings rank as the second-highest source of green house gas emissions and significantly strain our electrical grid. With the challenges of regulatory mandates, rising utility rates, and the Federal Carbon Tax, building owners are under increasing pressure to act. However, the scarcity of practical and established solutions has become a major obstacle for the industry, complicating efforts to manage operating expenses and capital investments.

"After years in the industry, we've come to understand the intricate nature of mechanical systems and the pressing need for specialized expertise. Without the right partner, a lack of internal resources and expertise can lead to a fragmented strategy and ultimately,  disappointing results. Partnering with NERVA Energy transformed this narrative for us.


Their turn-key project delivery model meant that we could concentrate our energies on defining clear goals and expectations. In turn, NERVA took the reins, implementing tailored solutions that catered to the unique needs of each building. The outcome? Not only did they meet our expectations, but in many instances, they exceeded them. It underscores the immense value of having a trusted partner like NERVA when charting the course for energy conservation solutions. " says Allan Drewlo, CEO, Drewlo Holdings

In an industry where building owner soften grapple with maximizing their investments, the journey towards meeting our nation's carbon reduction  goals is illuminated by visionary leaders like Drewlo Holdings. Partnered with the seasoned expertise of NERVA Energy, they pave the way in decoding the challenge, championing practical solutions that promise measurable and guaranteed outcomes.


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Largest multi-residential smart building conversion in North America

A New Era in Energy Performance: Delivering Measurable Gains in Efficiency and Value

About NERVA Energy


NERVA Energy is a distinguished multidisciplinary engineering firm, renowned for its cutting-edge energy performance solutions. With an elite team composed of seasoned energy engineers, M&E engineers, and seasoned in-house mechanical technicians, NERVA is steadfast in its commitment to delivering turn-key solutions. These solutions not only amplify building energy efficiency but a real so backed by a steadfast financial performance guarantee.


About Drewlo Holdings 


Drewlo Holdings Inc. is a renowned family-owned enterprise with a rich 65-year legacy in developing, constructing, and managing luxurious multi-residential buildings throughout South western Ontario. With a vast portfolio of over 10,000 units under their belt, Drewlo Holdings not only takes immense pride in their existing structures but is also dedicated to crafting new ones that resonate with tenants' desires, ensuring each apartment truly feels like home.

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