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NERVA Wins Big at the 2024 Environment + Energy Leader Awards!

We are thrilled to announce that NERVA Energy has been awarded both the "Top Project" and "Judges’ Choice: Energy Innovation" at the 2024 Environment + Energy Leader Awards. This recognition celebrates our commitment to fiscal resilience through energy conservation, exemplified in our landmark project with Drewlo Holdings—The largest multi-residential smart building conversion in North America.

Embracing Sustainability at Scale


This project underscored how sustainable practices could be powerfully aligned with financial and operational goals in large-scale environments. By integrating advanced energy conservation measures, we not only enhanced the operational efficiency of over 85 buildings but also achieved significant reductions in energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions.


This approach is a testament to our belief that sustainability and economic resilience must go hand in hand, leveraging practical, proven, and quantifiable solutions for substantial impact.


Judges’ Acclaim and Project Impact


The feedback from the award judges highlights the significance of our achievements:


Comprehensive Impact: “This project transforms multi-family buildings into smart properties, achieving substantial energy efficiency gains that are crucial for meeting national Paris Accord commitments.”

Exceptional Design and Savings: “Remarkable in both design and performance, this program has set a new standard for large multi-unit residential portfolios by demonstrating real and measurable energy savings.”

Looking Forward


"As we celebrate this recognition, we remain committed to pushing the boundaries of energy efficiency and smart technology integration. Our goal is to continue pioneering solutions that foster both environmental stewardship and financial health, showing that effective energy management is a cornerstone of sustainable business practices.


Thank you to everyone involved, especially our clients and partners like Drewlo Holdings, who are instrumental in bringing these visions to life. Together, we are setting the stage for a more sustainable and economically resilient future."

Strategic Energy Management: “The project's meticulous approach to energy source optimization and system monitoring exemplifies how right-sizing and transitioning to greener technologies can achieve operational excellence.”

Surpassing Environmental Standards: “Exceeding environmental expectations, this initiative illustrates how well-implemented energy strategies can significantly advance GHG reduction targets.”

Profitable Sustainability: “An exemplary project that not only showcased the environmental impact but also did so profitably, proving that sustainable initiatives are financially viable and replicable.”

This project represents a critical step forward in our journey to redefine the potential of large buildings through energy conservation. With Drewlo Holdings embracing these solutions, we have demonstrated that substantial environmental impact is not only achievable but also economically advantageous.


Said Rob Hallewick, CEO, NERVA Energy.

About NERVA Energy


NERVA Energy is a distinguished multidisciplinary engineering firm, renowned for its cutting-edge energy performance solutions. With an elite team composed of seasoned energy engineers, M&E engineers, and seasoned in-house mechanical technicians, NERVA is steadfast in its commitment to delivering turn-key solutions. These solutions not only amplify building energy efficiency but are also backed by a steadfast financial performance guarantee.


To learn more about the company and our services, visit:

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