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Guaranteed Energy Performance Program

Frequently Asked Questions



How does the guaranteed ROI work, and what if the target isn't met?

Our engagement begins by defining your expected ROI, typically between 10-14%. We'll then audit your properties and craft a bespoke energy conservation plan aimed at achieving this ROI. After a year, we conduct thorough measurement and verification (M&V) to confirm the savings. If we fall short, you'll receive a refund or credit toward future projects — it's your choice.



What energy savings can we expect from this program?

Savings are tailored to your specific equipment and operations, so they vary. What's constant, however, is our commitment to delivering on the ROI we promise, regardless of the percentage of energy saved.

What is the implementation timeframe and duration of the ROI guarantee?

Implementation is swift, typically taking two weeks for a standard 150-unit building, as exemplified by our comprehensive work with Drewlo Holdings. After optimizations, we offer a full year of system management, with the option for you to take over or continue with us thereafter.



Will audits and implementation disrupt daily operations?

Our process is designed to be non-intrusive. Audits won't interfere with mechanical operations, and any necessary shutdowns during the optimization stage will be brief and planned for minimal impact.

What disruptions should we expect during installation?

Most work is confined to mechanical areas. For in-unit work, such as thermostat replacements, we'll coordinate closely with your site staff to minimize inconvenience.



What criteria determine property eligibility for this program?

The key is aligning with your financial goals. We analyze utility data and mechanical operations to identify opportunities and confirm we can deliver the guaranteed ROI.

Is there a minimum or maximum property size for the program?

While we have no maximum, properties under six stories typically offer fewer optimization opportunities. Our program is most beneficial for buildings of five stories and above.



What's the initial investment required?

Investment varies, but we generally recommend starting with a 2-3 building pilot. Costs per building are determined by scale and scope. Swift, portfolio-wide implementation often follows once the financial benefits, and utility savings are realized. I.e. after a full heating or cooling season. 

Are there ongoing costs after the program is in place?

The first year's commissioning, optimization, and monitoring are included in the project cost. After that, you can manage the systems yourself or opt into one of our flexible monthly optimization plans.



How does NERVA collaborate with our in-house team?

We start by setting ROI goals with your executive team and then work with your technical staff to align our strategies. Post-implementation, we offer ongoing support and training to building operation staff.

What post-implementation support and maintenance does NERVA offer?

We manage all optimized systems for a year, providing continuous commissioning and optimization of mechanical equipment, along with energy performance reporting. Afterward, we can continue support based on your preference.



How are energy savings and ROI tracked and reported?

Seasonal performance reports detail utility consumption and emissions reductions, translated into dollar savings. Annually, a comprehensive M&V report confirms these savings against your baseline.

What documentation confirms savings and ROI?

You'll receive quarterly performance reports and a detailed annual M&V report. If preferred, third-party verification is also an option.



Can we speak to clients who have succeeded with this program?

Absolutely, we facilitate direct conversations with prior clients at the final stages of due diligence to maintain their privacy. Drewlo Holdings has also published a white paper on their portfolio wide implementation of this program, which we can share.

Are there case studies from similar properties available?

Yes, we have a range of case studies, from individual buildings to portfolio-wide projects, available upon request.

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We provide fully-managed energy conservation programs backed by financial and performance guarantees.  

No excuses. Full accountability. Quantifiable results.

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