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Join Canada's only
Guaranteed Energy Performance Program 

for large buildings.

We design and implement tailored energy conservation strategies that deliver operational savings, reduced capital expenditures, and a guaranteed return on investment.

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Reclaim your time and financial certainty.

Say goodbye to the costs and headaches associated with managing multiple subject matter experts. NERVA provides an in-house team of award-winning professionals whose time and expertise are focused solely on driving energy conservation, and guaranteed financial outcomes.

Our financial performance guarantee is easy as 1-2-3!

Energy conservation projects are often plagued with inflated professional fees and a lack of accountability between subject matter experts. We deliver energy conservation strategies that are proven, measured and guaranteed.

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I. Initiate a financial alignment meeting to establish your desired ROI.

II. Select 2-3 buildings from your portfolio for a pilot energy assessment.

III. Analyze historical utility data and mechanical blueprints to identify energy-saving opportunities.


I. Conduct thorough site assessments to clarify details and assess mechanical systems based on age, capacity, and current performance.

II. Leverage our award-winning engineers' theoretical knowledge and our mechanical experts' practical experience to craft an energy conservation strategy tailored to your desired financial outcome.

III. Provide a detailed plan that outlines energy-conservation measures, associated costs, potential utility incentives, and anticipated savings, ensuring the achievement of your targeted ROI.






I. Upon approval of project scope, costs and energy savings, well formalize the commitment with an Energy Performance Guarantee contract that considers your current and projected utility rates, including industry-average escalations.

II. After installation, NERVA takes the helm to fine-tune system operations, offering a full year of commissioning, optimization, and performance monitoring, with regular efficiency reports and a comprehensive annual review to affirm ROI achievement.

III. After the first year, choose to independently manage the optimized systems or maintain our monthly service plans for continued support. Our systems are designed for straightforward management turnover, yet our team is ready to assist further if you decide that ongoing support aligns better with your operational needs.

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We provide fully-managed energy conservation programs backed by financial and performance guarantees.  

No excuses. Full accountability. Quantifiable results.

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