Future Proofing Buildings for Smart Cities

Mitigate rising energy and operational costs with world-class building optimization solutions and IoT technologies.

Turn Energy Savings, Into Energy Earnings

Implemented in over 100,000 buildings worldwide, our proven solutions help companies understand and optimize building performance to maximize energy savings and dramatically reduce operational costs.
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Why Nerva Energy?

Nerva’s smart building optimization platform and suite of technologies work in unison to conserve energy consumption in commercial buildings by up to 50%, allowing operators to retain more revenue through energy savings, while directly contributing to higher occupancy rates.

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Award Winning IoT Technologies


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Maximize ROI and earnings

1-2 Year Simple Payback

Defense Grade Security

Smarter, secure buildings mean a better quality of life

Free Energy Audit

ASHRAE Level 1

360° Rebates & Incentives

Energy Saving Programs & Applications

24/7 Real-Time

Remote Monitoring & Control

Cloud-based Tools

Energy Portfolio Management

Predictive Indicators

Equipment & Maintenance Indicators


End-to-End Energy Solutions

Smarter Building Optimization

We leverage niche expertise with leading IoT technologies to ensure buildings function more intuitively and efficiently, creating energy earning opportunities and fostering a positive impact on occupancy, quality of life and the environment overall.

Building Audit & Strategy

Receive a free ASHRAE energy audit and customized report with strategic recommendations to safeguard your building against inefficiency and rising energy costs, and define an energy earnings plan.

Energy Efficiency Upgrades & Installation

Future proof your building with intelligent, secure and scalable IoT technologies and solutions, installed by highly proficient and certified engineers and technicians.

Measurement & Verification

Realize your energy earnings with a post-measure audit that certifies and details energy savings, incentive applicability and optimal building performance.

Optimization & Performance Analytics

Control and optimize your portfolio of properties from a centralized cloud based dashboard from your smartphone, tablet or laptop and access real time cloud based analytics and reports.

Award Winning IoT Technologies & Services

  • Energy Management & Consultation
  • Mechanical Systems Audits & Future Planning
  • Nerva Controls Building Automation
  • Nerva Suite Metering Technology
  • Nerva Seal Duct Sealing
  • Nerva Seal Suite Sealing
  • SmartCity & Net-Zero Building Planning
  • Community Energy Planning
  • Building Analytics & Reporting
  • Provincial Incentive Program Facilitation
  • Project Management for Mechanical Infrastructure

Industries Served

Office Buildings

Apartments & Condos

Industrial Facilities




Entertainment Stadiums



Shopping Malls

Seal It & Save 35% More

Discover the world’s #1 building envelope seal technology that seals holes as small as a hair follicle and up to 1/2” wide to save up to 35% on energy costs and achieve <0.6 ACH@50 and easily meet or exceed the most stringent envelope leakage requirements of LEED Platinum, Passive House, Energy Star, NRCC, IECC and ZERH standards.

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Find Energy Earnings Around Every Corner

Our scalable and secure wireless “Self-healing Network” platform allows facility operators to easily establish full control over a building to optimize and effectively manage energy and operational costs.

No expensive infrastructure or WiFi connection is required and no complex set-up or electrical work is involved. Learn more about how Nerva Controls can help uncover instant energy earnings.

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self healing mesh network

Bob Evans, Sr. Project Manager, Hyundai HQ

“I was more than skeptical. It sounded like one of those miracle products that slices and dices. The difference is that his actually worked perfectly”