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Energy Conservation Specialists

We provide fully-managed energy conservation programs backed by financial and performance guarantees.

No excuses. Full accountability. Quantifiable results.

Our greatest asset is our people.

Say goodbye to the costs and headaches associated with managing multiple subject matter experts. NERVA provides an in-house team of award-winning professionals whose time and expertise are focused solely on driving energy conservation, and positive client outcomes.


Prof. Engineers


Energy Managers


Mechanical Technicians


Live Monitoring


We defy
conventional energy thinking, every day!

We apply a multi-disciplinary approach to energy conservation. We provide an award-winning team of engineers, certified energy managers, seasoned mechanical technicians and asset managers, all working in unison to eliminate energy waste and reduce GHG emissions.

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Our end-to-end approach offers you sound energy analysis and advice, along with, the implementation of strategic optimization measures that deliver significant energy and carbon savings.

As your trusted energy conservation specialist, NERVA remains with you every step of the way, providing operational support and financial certainty.

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Our Valued

Our mission is to help clients achieve favourable financial and environmental results. We purposely measure outcomes to ensure we are consistently delivering on our promise.  

We value our longstanding relationships and work hard every day to earn and retain the trust that has been bestowed upon us.


Choose your path

Tailored Energy

Performance Program

We specialize in crafting custom building optimization solutions tailored to your specific needs.


Leveraging cutting-edge technology and industry expertise, we design solutions that enhance energy efficiency, right-size equipment, and reduce costs, all while aligning with your sustainability goals.

Plus, we stand behind our work with a performance guarantee, ensuring the results meet your expectations.

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Prescriptive Energy

Conservation Programs

Our prescriptive energy conservation programs are expertly designed to optimize existing mechanical equipment, ensuring peak performance and energy efficiency.

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Roof-Top Unit 


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Make-Up Air Unit 


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Ductwork Sealing


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Envelope Sealing



Rob Hallewick


As CEO, Rob is the catalyst for collaboration and innovation between our various in-house subject matter experts. His rich mechanical background and keen sense for identifying proven technologies allow NERVA to continuously deliver sound, practical and proven energy conservation solutions.

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Proud members of

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Forward-thinking. Informative. Engaging. 

From cutting-edge technologies and innovative strategies to award-winning programs and industry insights, we strive to bring you a collection of content that will help inspire and inform you about the benefits of energy conservation and carbon reduction.

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