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RTU Optimization Program

Our Process

We can work with you to review your portfolio and help you identify which buildings present the largest energy conservation opportunities, based on size of equipment, operating hours, needs of the occupants, etc.


Identify target locations

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Once the target locations are identified, our auditing team will perform an on-site visit to verify the age, health and efficiency of each RTU. We will provide you with a fully costed business case that showcases energy and carbon savings, utility incentives, and ROI.


Audit & report

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Nerva Energy handles all requirements and submissions to ensure you obtain the maximum value of available incentives, which currently cover up to 50% of the project cost. Incentives and energy savings combined provide an incredible ROI of 12-24 months.


Secure utility incentives

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Our end-to-end implementation is quick and non-disruptive. We provide a turn-key solution including installation, set-up, and system optimization to ensure energy and carbon savings occur immediately.


Implement & optimize

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Once each RTU is optimized to operate at peak efficiency, NERVA will monitor the performance of each unit to ensure your financial savings are on track. The system will also notify you of any mechanical equipment issues that require attention. These alerts and alarms prevent equipment failure and provide significant repair and maintenance savings.


Measure & verify

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Case Studies


$44,182 Annual Energy Savings

32% GHG Reduction

0.9 Yrs. Payback Period

Nike Distribution Centre

RBC Branches


$11,487 Annual Energy Savings

32% GHG Reduction

1.4 Yrs. Payback Period

Grand & Toy.png

$71,889 Annual Energy Savings

18% GHG Reduction

1.2 Yrs. Payback Period

Grand & Toy Office & Warehouse

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We provide fully-managed energy conservation programs backed by financial and performance guarantees.  

No excuses. Full accountability. Quantifiable results.

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