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We are energy conservation specialists

NERVA Energy was founded on the principle of “conservation first”. We believe that energy efficient buildings are the key to prosperous and sustainable communities.


In 2019, there were over half a million commercial and institutional buildings (555,951) in Canadian provinces, occupying a total floor area of 709.0 million square metres (m2). The total energy consumed by these commercial and institutional buildings in 2019 was 948.2 million gigajoules (GJ), which is equivalent to the annual energy use of over 10.7 million households.

We understand that managing energy performance is a comprehensive and highly technical practise, often coupled with inflated professional fees and a lack of accountability between subject matter experts.

NERVA believes in protecting the best interest of its clients by providing a one-stop solution. Our in-house team of engineers, certified energy managers and seasoned mechanical technicians work in unison to ensure your buildings are operating at peak mechanical efficiency.

We deliver energy conservation strategies that are proven, measured and guaranteed. With hundreds of projects completed to date, NERVA Energy finally delivers the performance assurances and financial certainty building owners so desperately need.

No excuses. Full accountability. Quantifiable results.

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Corporate Timeline & Milestones

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Our turn-key energy programs are designed to help building owners and operators optimize their buildings to improve occupant well-being, be more energy efficient and meet carbon reduction goals.


Over 75 per cent of multi-unit residential buildings were built before 1990, a time when building standards did not account for efficiency.


A lack of envelope thermal performance coupled with outdated mechanical systems creates significant energy and carbon inefficiencies.

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Make-Up Air Unit


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Mechanical Plant


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Full Building


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