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Energy Performance Solutions

We are a multi-disciplinary engineering firm specializing in energy performance solutions. Our team comprises seasoned energy engineers, M&E engineers, and in-house mechanical technicians.


With a focus on driving energy conservation and positive financial outcomes, we offer you the expertise of award-winning professionals dedicated to maximizing your building's energy efficiency and financial savings.

We understand that managing energy performance is a comprehensive and highly technical practise, often coupled with inflated professional fees and a lack of accountability between subject matter experts.

We deliver energy conservation strategies that are proven, measured and guaranteed. With hundreds of projects completed to date, NERVA Energy finally delivers the performance assurances and financial certainty building owners so desperately need.

No excuses. Full accountability. Quantifiable results.

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Corporate Timeline & Milestones

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Choose your path

Tailored Energy

Performance Program

We specialize in crafting custom building optimization solutions tailored to your specific needs.


Leveraging cutting-edge technology and industry expertise, we design solutions that enhance energy efficiency, right-size equipment, and reduce costs, all while aligning with your sustainability goals.

Plus, we stand behind our work with a performance guarantee, ensuring the results meet your expectations.

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Prescriptive Energy

Conservation Programs

Our prescriptive energy conservation programs are expertly designed to optimize existing mechanical equipment, ensuring peak performance and energy efficiency.

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Roof-Top Unit 


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Make-Up Air Unit 


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Ductwork Sealing


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Envelope Sealing


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